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frequently asked questions

Q. What locations can we operate in?

A. We can supply staff or equipment to any location within the M25 for large events or in the central London area for long term temporary staffing

Q. Is there a minimum number of staff or hours?

A. You can even book 1 member of staff for an event, the minimum shift time is normally 4 hours.

Q. Do I pay the staff directly?

A. No, we will invoice you for the whole service.

Q. How much notice do you require?

A. For staffing in central London, we usually need only about 2 hours notice.

Q. Are you staff legally entitled to work in the UK?

A. Categorically yes, and all documentation regarding a member of staff's legality is available to a client at any time.

Q. Do you pay the national minimum wage?

A. As a company it is our policy to always pay above the national minimum wage. We feel it is the best way of rewarding and retaining our staff.

Q. Do I need to provide uniform?

A. No, our staff will always come with their full work uniform, ie for a waiter, black trousers, black shoes and socks, long sleeved white shirt, black waistcoat and black bow tie. We also have long sleeved black shirts as an alternative.

Q. Do I need to provide transport home for the staff?

A. Unless otherwise arranged, our staff will always make their own way home on public transport as long as it is available.